More sustainable crops where you need them

Legumes provide a high nutritional value. They optimize productivity when combined with grasses, they adequately supply forage throughout the year.
They are a group of plants that have a special symbiosis with Rhizobium, this symbiosis allows it to efficiently fix nitrogen in the soil.

Supporting sustainable growth of legume plantations

We support the production of increasingly healthy and natural foodstuffs, based on animal production in pastoral conditions by the collaboration of gramineous and leguminous.
This forage mix would make production more efficient in breeding, rearing and fattening, due to higher protein content, energy savings and, at the same time, would help limit the use of other fertilizers due to the nitrogen content of leguminous plants.

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Using the right seeds in each region

We make sure that you find the solution that suits you best in our seed catalogue. That’s why we believe that professional advice and working together is essential to understand what you need in order to offer you the best possible combination to achieve an efficient and sustainable result.
Leguminous from our catalogue:


  • 59N59 (G9)
  • SW10 (G9)
  • Super Sonic (G9)
  • Monarca (G8)
  • Aurora (G7)
  • Tacuara (G6)
  • Victoria (G6)


  • Corniculatus
  • Tenuis


  • Melilotus Albus

White clover

  • Trebol Blanco Junín

Red clover

Forage soybeans


  • Vicia villosa
In the table below you will find descriptions of many of our main products. For a complete list Please Contact us.




Recommendations for use

Forage Soybeans

NS8282 (Grupo VIII)

Direct grazing with a stocking rate of 4-6 cows with calf at foot per hectare
Excellent adaptation to intermediate and late
intermediate and late dates.
Maintains cycle and height at very late dates.
very late dates.
Medium-high bearing.
Tolerant to rust

Sow at the end of October or beginning of November. Sow at 35 cm with a density of approximately 60 kg/ha.

First grazing after 50 days, continue every 30 days up to 3 grazing.

White Clover


High adaptation in the humid Pampa
High foliarity and longer green life.
Exuberant growth with very large leaves and high digestibility.
It adapts very well to consociation with Festuca Federación.
Excellent disease and virus resistance
This material is a new research development of U.B.A. at the Junín experimental field.

It is ideal for mixing with grasses and other legumes. It has a great capacity to fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil through symbiosis.