Quality Seeds

We will bring all our experience and knowledge to help you.


Cereagro provides quality seeds that will improve the performance of your results.

We are fully focused on generating seeds with the genetic potential to ensure excellent performance in your field.

The seeds go through a whole process from sowing to delivery, fully careful and sincere, we only provide quality seeds that meet the high standards we set for ourselves.

To mitigate any risk, we will support you with our experience and advice. We will study your case, your particular conditions, because something we are good at is building long term relationships, based on professionalism and responsibility.

Providing seeds and services to farmers in response to their challenges

Crop production is becoming increasingly complex due to several factors such as the diversity of growing conditions and customer demands, fluctuating commodity prices, and climate change.

Our research and agreements constantly improve seeds, especially their quality and yield. We collaborate not only in our laboratories and research, but also with universities, research institutes, and other companies.

We also introduce new sowing, monitoring, application, and harvesting procedures after sharing information with growers and other companies.

Cereagro has a strong presence in moha, cebadilla, ryegrass, sorghum, oat, gramineous and legumes.