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Our commitment

We will bring all our experience and knowledge to help you.

Cereagro commitment

We assume that the seeds we sell are a symbol of quality, that we respect the environment and seek professionalism in our processes and dealings with customers.

We organise ourselves internally in order to respect what we say, since our word is for us our greatest commitment. We seek to do everything from the coherence, where our principles govern our actions, will always be ahead of any interest.

This is who we are and this is how we define ourselves


We trust our seeds because we put them to the test.

We are sure of our products because during all these years we have proven their effectiveness, in our own experimental fields and in Universities. We will generate basic research on nutritional aspects, economic, genetic, health and general management of forage species.

Quality control

The quality of our products is a commitment that we assume from the beginning

Our laboratory evaluates the quality of the seeds in their production processes, providing relevant information to the official control in marketing and services to individuals. The evaluation of the quality attributes of the seeds in terms of physical parameters, physiological and sanitary, originating and representative of the samplings of seed lots, are carried out using the methodologies established by INASE and those recommended by the International Seed Testing Association, ISTA.

Building relationships

Committed to long-term relations, transparent and timely communication creates trust.

We stay focused on getting things right, we know it means keeping your word, being accountable for your actions and being there when you are needed. This is what we pass on to our customers, suppliers and team.