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The experience improves considerably with a good management and combination of gramineous and leguminous. The results we evaluate in our own production and direct assistance to growers confirm this, and we will be pleased to share them with you.

Our products and services

Using the right seeds in each region

We make sure that you find the solution that suits you best in our seed catalog. That’s why we believe that professional advice and working together is essential to understand what you need in order to offer you the best possible combination to achieve an efficient and sustainable result.

Gramineous from our catalog:


  • Alargado
  • Agropiro Criollo EL Triunfo


  • Bonaerense INTA Aiken
  • Bonaerense INTA Calen
  • Bonaerense INTA Julieta
  • Bonaerense INTA Mana
  • Bonaerense INTA Marita
  • Strigosa


  • Quidel
  • Quintun

Festuca continental

  • Federación
  • Fawn


  • Carapé Plus INTA
  • Yaguané Plus INTA
  • Nará INTA

Pasto Ovillo

  • Oberón
  • Porto

Raigrás Anual

  • Estanzuela 284 (Diploide)
  • Conquistador (Tetraploide)

Raigrás Perenne 

  • Nui Fisc.


  • Supremo BMR
  • Triunfador Fotosensitivo
  • Invencible Sudan

In the table below you will find descriptions of many of our main products. For a complete list please Contact us.

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